Basilico is a cookery after school club for children, that has its focus on italian recipes.

Well… it’s not just about cooking, is it?

In our purpose, is a place where kids have fun and set a challenge, a food challenge. A lively kitchen to explore diversity through food, try new flavours, play with ingredients and create new combinations.

Cooking is a way to stay together and be creative, to stay focused and have fun at the same time.

Cooking can be very rewarding in terms of self confidence, but also the most adventurous ones will learn a lot….

  • We learn about food and nutrition. When the food comes from and seasonality
  • We learn how bad is waste…
  • We learn to measure, to understand different quantities and weights.
  • We learn to try ingredients that we didn’t know before, or might have been used in other ways.
  • We understand the difference between natural, fresh and junk food.
  • From time to time we  will be hearing some italian words as pasta, riso, pomodoro, mozzarella…

The  classes are for  kids aged 4-7, at  ‘THE HOVE KITCHEN’  in Hove, Western  Road. Classes take place every Thursday from 3.30pm until 5 pm. 

 Depending on our timetable (yes, busy one!)we usually prepare 2 recipes or one if takes a longer time. Kids have a snack and when it’s possible in terms of time we eat all together what we’ve cooked. Otherwise we take everything home for a talent show off!

You can just drop in for a trial class, although we recommend to send us an email to let us know in advance.


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